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Meeting Links - Special Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined our video call today! Here are the links shared in the chat.

Love to all ❤️

Find out about eligibility for OHP:

- OHP is free, no premiums and very limited copay

Oregon Healthcare Marketplace:

- premiums generally lower than COBRA

Navia Website:

FSA Online Store:

- Spend your FSA before it's gone!!!

And lastly, attached is the information on the Employee Assistance Program through OSF. As we mentioned on our call this morning, it will stay in effect for us through July 2020.

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Mar 26, 2020

Passing this along y'all!! Cara's husband did some digging and passed this along: "So after learning about OSFs Cobra offer I called I was concerned that if I elected Cobra for 2 months that I would no longer qualify for Obamacare under special enrollment. They basically said this: losing your job qualifies you, but you have to send in your application within 60 days of losing your job. Electing Cobra during that time doesn't affect this, so if you want to do Cobra for 2 months (with OSF covering the cost) then cancel that is fine, but if you want to then go on Obamacare you have to have sent in the app with a start date of, in our case,…

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