1. One of many variations in names for the black cat as probably drawn by Ralph Chaplin. Chaplin dubbed it “Sab Cat”.  AKA Sabotabby. Used by the wobblies as a symbol of work slowdown or strike as a form of sabotage in labor history.

  2. A guerrilla audio production company operating in Ashland, Oregon made up of Union members and Union supporters.


Our Story SABOCAT  brought together I.A.T.S.E. Local 154 and Actor Equity Association for a unique contribution to the labor movement. Members of each union volunteered their professional skills to contribute to the next generation of original material in praise of all that labor has brought and brings to our society. We hope you’re picking up what we’re laying down. If you like it- please share it! Pass it along and spread the word. Make the choir sing louder or send it to someone who doesn’t know what Unions do. That’s what we made them for. We can even loan you this soapbox we’re standing on.



The Tech:

Sahib Simran Khalsa

Natalie Scott



The Talent:

Mysha Caruso

Courtney Cunningham

Armando Duran*

Jake Hastings

Kevin Kenerly*

Tomas Monter

William "Ninja" Ruiz*

The Team:

Eugene V. Debs.

Jeremy Eisen*

 Rodrigo Garcia-Flores

Emily Robinson* 

Amanda Sager



Joshua Heuertz


With additional thanks

to the entire IATSE Local 154 Regular meeting

February 11th, 2019 for

shouting loud and proud!

*Members of Actor Equity Association.


Sneak Preview of Ep. 1


Listen to our first episode:

*Episode 1 - The Birth of Sabocat*

00:10:36 English only
SABOCAT founder Joshua Heuertz has the mic turned on him to tell how SABOCAT came to be.


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