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Donate to 154 Hardship Fund

Established in 2018 the 154 Hardship Fund is available to all 154 members in times of need. Members can apply for stamp waivers to offset financial hardship due to personal crises, loss of income, wildfires, personal loss, or any other thing financially impacting their lives. Hardship Grants also come with a gift card to a local grocery store to help with living expenses. 


In 2020 we also instituted COVID waivers, single-quarter, no questions asked, waivers for members effected by COVID. (You know, everybody) Since Local 154 is also experiencing loss of income due to COVID, we've added this donation page as a way for our supporters to help us help our members. 


Please know, donations to the Union in this way are not deductible on Federal Taxes. If you would like to donate an amount not shown, please try adding multiple donations of a different amout to your cart to equal your desired amount.

Donate to 154 Hardship Fund

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