Donate to 154 Wildfire Relief

Our Southern Oregon community has been struck by wildfires. Several of our members have lost thier homes and everything they have. Many more have been displaced. We are using our Hardship Fund to distribute aid to 154 members impacted by these fires.


Your help is greatly apprecicated. Please know, donations to the Union in this way are not deductible on Federal Taxes. If you would like to donate an amount not shown, please try adding multiple donations of a different amout to your cart to equal your desired amount.


If you know someone affected or would like to donate to individuals directly, here is a list of personal GoFundMe pages: Personal Donations


From President Sager:

Please feel free to share this information far and wide. While it is overwhelmingly devastating across Oregon, our community will rebuild and through that we will reconnect. Just as I experienced after Hurricane Katrina, it was the solidarity of working people and union members that got us back on our feet. As Wiliam Shakspeare said in Henry V, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.."


In solidarity and with humility,

Amanda Sager

Donate to 154 Wildfire Relief


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