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2019 WHITE** Member Shirt

Wear your 154 shirts to the meetings tomorrow!

Hello Everyone! Remember when we voted that our free membership shirts would be printed in Grey on black?

Well, when they arrived the printing is white!


My new Swag Rep got us an amazing deal to allow us to get a re-print on the gray shirts we ordered and KEEP the mistake print ones in white at just the cost of the shirts. So I have chosen to SELL the white ones as our first purchasable swag item of 2019.**

These shirts do say "Union Member" on them so we'd like to keep them within the Local for card-carrying members of 154.

**The free shirts printed in our dark grey will be along soon.


They're $8 each and they run a little big. They have a bit more stretch than the 2017 shirts. We have SM-3X in these and will have Extra Smalls in the Grey ones.

The Grey ones will be along soon and will be the free shirts for all members.


These shirts are Union printed, 100% recycled cotton/poly blend, and a mix of Union made and USA made. They run a little large and shrink up some.

These shirts are live in the Membership Store so Log In and head over there now!

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